Eurocar Limousine Srl offers top-level car rental services with a driver and stands out for its total professionalism in providing car rental services with a driver to a high-end target nationwide and in the main cities worldwide.

The most demanding travelers, top managers, executive assistants, politicians, diplomats and VIPs rely on Eurocar Limousine for several reasons: the certainty of the high quality of the service, the drivers’ discretion, their knowledge of languages and the territory, latest generation and well-kept luxury cars and the guarantee of the TUV UNI EU ISO 9001-2008 certification.


The entrepreneurial foresight

A service linked to a niche target

Eurocar Limousine was established in Milan in 1990 from the entrepreneurial idea of its two founding partners who, after considerable experience “in the field” with diverse car rental companies decided to open their small business dedicated to car rental services with a driver.

The ability to identify and enhance the opportunities linked to a car rental service aimed at a specific and niche target (top managers, politician and diplomatic staff) transforms what might have remained a limited, local initiative into a much wider and successful project.

Initially, most energy was devoted to credit the partners as credible counterparts in big companies and their top managers.


Widening of horizons

The entrepreneurial foresight makes its way

Some seven years after being established, Eurocar Limousine developed their entrepreneurial strategy, while taking into consideration not only the need for short distance transfers of their customers, but all requirements linked to the logistic organization of business trips, meetings, special events, such as thefast search for a hotel, addresses of restaurants, tickets for exhibitions, museums, flower shops, book stores…

To the concept of specialized tour operator

An “All inclusive” First Class Service

Widening the offer, while implementing the car rental core service with other elements such asbodyguard, hostess, interpreters, rental of private aircrafts, etc.., progressively moves on Eurocar Limousine vocation from being a standard car rental provider to a real specialized all-inclusive tour operator.



Operators sharing the same vision

And the same attention in handling customers

Widening the company focus from car rental services to the general need for “high-end transportation”induced Eurocar Limousine enter into partnership agreements with companies operating in the same chain: from enterprises renting private jets to those offering bodyguard services, air and train ticket reservation, organization of all inclusive personalized tours.

The ability to aggregate operators sharing the same general vision and the same attention in managingprestigious customers is definitely one of the distinguishing skills of Eurocar Limousine.

The existence of such a close network of acquaintances and relations in fact has allowed Eurocar Limousine to remain a “small” albeit extremely flexible company, while managing autonomously less than ten staff relying on a continual relationship with more than 50 companies (domestic points of reference)abroad and 150 companies in Italy.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Eurocar limousine drivers

Finding the right person best matching with our customers

For Eurocar Limousine quality and preparation of human resources is a strategic element of success. The delicacy of managing prestige customers requires the construction of a personal relationship with the customer based on trust.

“Finding the right person that is best for our customer”, is a sentence that well expresses what makes this trusting relationship possible and credible. Finding a driver for each customer, who can anticipate the customer’s needs, adapt to their character, while customizing on a personal level the service offered.

In our management’s vision, this is the element that differentiates our offer: every big customer selects “their” driver (and a possible reserve) via a real interview, which will be available upon request.

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