Transportation of students and school trips

School bus services are offered considering young students’ needs in terms of comfort and safety and providing comfortable and safe buses, with expert and highly reliable drivers

Available for schools requiring a vehicle at fixed time, with preset routes to ensure return journeys . Students pick-up takes places directly in front of their houses.

Qualified drivers and onboard assistants

To support the teachers in handling children during the journey

A driver working for a school bus service provider is a professional who must know how to interact with children and teenagers, be particularly pleasant and polite as well as patient if the students being transported are rowdy and noisy.

School bus services require their drivers not only to be expert in actual driving, but also some relational abilities that differ from those who must merely drive a bus.

Our buses

Eurocar Limousine vehicle fleet deploys a wide range of vehicles for transporting numerous passengers: 6-seater minivans, minibuses with 8, 14, 16, 19 seats and buses from 29 to 50 seats, perfect for school bus services for small and large groups.


If a school requires it, school buses can be fitted with such option as air-conditioning, individual LCD screens or for the entire vehicle, reclining seats, if student transfer justifies an additional cost to grant school bus services of a higher level.

A successful case

The service is carried out with the style exclusive to Eurocar Limousine, with attention to safety, privacy, and comfort of their passengers. Currently, the service is operating in Milan, Milan 2, Lesmo, Monza and in the Milanese belt.

School trip organization

In Italy and abroad

We can offer school trip organization, in addition to the schoolbus service, both in Italy and abroad, with onboard assistance and some other services specifically tailored to comply with the needs of parents, teachers and the students.

For short one-day trips

Eurocar Limousine can assist primary and secondary schools in the organization of visits to cultural locations near their school.

For trips within the nation and abroad

Eurocar Limousine not only offers a transportation service, but they also help the school to interact with national and international transportation network issues.

Relying on the vehicle rental service for school trips provided by Eurocar Limousine, you are avoid the chaos of train stations and airports, you will save time and gain in independence, in total safety on a comfortable vehicle subject to continual maintenance, which will follow the school-body all the way through their trip.

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