FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on car rental with driver


How do I book a transfer service to the airport?

If you need a transfer service, it is possible to hire a car with a driver who can accompany you to the airport in time for check-in.

How many hours in advance should I book the transfer service?

In order for you to find a suitable car for your needs it is necessary to make a reservation at least 6/12 hours in advance, remembering to call the dedicated number or send an email during office hours.

How do I rent a car with driver?

You can make a car reservation by calling +39 0249633791 or by sending an email to the following address: info@eurocarlimousine.it.

What data do I need to communicate to hire a car with driver?

The information to be provided to book a transfer to the airport are: name and surname, telephone number, date and address of departure and destination.

How much does a car rental with driver cost?

The costs for car rental with driver are not fixed but vary according to the type of service, the car model, the km, the timing and the presence of any motorway tolls to be paid.

How and when can I pay for the car rental service with driver?

There are many ways to pay for the rental service. You can proceed either using your credit card / PagoBancomat, or in cash directly to the driver. For companies it is possible to pay by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice (to be requested when booking the service).

How many hours can I rent a car with driver?

There is no time limit for car rental with driver. You can also book for several days with no mileage limits to meet any particular need.

Do your rental cars with driver have child seats?

If you have to travel with small children it is possible, at the time of booking, to request the presence of a suitable car seat by communicating in advance the age, weight and height of the child.

In the case of customers with health problems and disabilities, is it possible to load the wheelchair in the car? Are other baggage allowed in addition to that?

Even people with disabilities or health problems can travel safely on rental cars with driver. The drivers will load the wheelchair and all types of medical equipment in the trunk. In our car fleet there are car models for every need.

Is there any insurance coverage in the event of a road accident during the car rental service with driver?

No worries. All damages deriving from accidents during the car rental service with driver are covered by insurance.

Is it possible to obtain compensation in case of loss of valuables or other personal items during the chauffeur car hire service?

Unfortunately our car rental company with driver is not responsible for any loss of personal items and for this reason it is always advisable to check your luggage before getting out of the car.

What is the maximum number of people that can be transported in a rental car with driver?

It all depends on the car model booked. If you opt for a flagship it will be possible to travel in 4 passengers, while this number drops to 3 for sedans. If you rent a minibus or a limousine it will be possible to travel in 8 passengers, while if you book a bus it will be possible to choose between 19/30/40/50 people.

Are pets allowed in the car?

Our company does not place any limit on the transport of animals as long as this request is made upon notification when booking the service. To be able to transport animals, however, the use of pet carriers, leash and muzzle is essential.

How much luggage can I carry in the car?

The number of luggage that can be carried varies according to the model of car booked. On the flagships you can carry 3 bags or medium-large trolleys, while on sedans and limousines 2 bags or medium-large trolleys. Increased transport capacity for minibusses and buses where it will be possible to load 8/15/20/40 luggage or medium-large trolleys on board.

In case of cancellation of the service, is it possible to obtain a refund of the reservation with advance payment?

It is possible to obtain a refund of the entire amount paid as long as the cancellation of the reservation occurs 48 hours before the service. In case of cancellation made within 24 hours before the service, only 50% of the amount paid at the time of booking will be refunded.

In case of train or plane delays, is an extra payment required?

If the delay is communicated by the airlines or railway companies before leaving the car, we will postpone the booking. If this does not happen, our drivers will wait about 45 minutes and in this case the payment of an additional sum will be required.

In which cases is a supplement payable?

In the case of last minute bookings and long journeys, a supplement will be required. To ensure maximum transparency, each supplement will be indicated in detail in the quote for car rental with driver that will be provided.

Is smoking allowed on rental cars with driver?

Absolutely not. On all our cars it is forbidden to smoke both classic and electronic cigarettes.

Is a deposit required when booking the car rental service with driver?

Yes, our company asks for a deposit. This can be done digitally via PayPal or, if this is not possible, the credit card number will be requested to guarantee the reservation.


Car rental service with driver and taxi: what are the differences?

The differences between the car rental service with driver and the Taxi service are soon explained. The cars used as taxis are parked in public areas set up by the Municipality and the fare is calculated using an approved taximeter. Furthermore, the Taxi service always departs from the municipal area.

The methods envisaged for the rental service with driver are different. In this case, in fact, a reservation is required by means of a letter of appointment and only after this step is it possible to carry out the service with the withdrawal of the customer even outside the Municipality that issued the authorization. Unlike the taxi, for the car rental service with driver there is no metered rate, but the cost of transport is established in advance.

For more information, you can consult the regulation on the website: https://www.nccitaliani.it/regolamenti-comunali/.

How do I recognize a professional chauffeur?

All our professionals who carry out car rental service must meet certain essential requirements:

  • possession of a regular Certificate of Professional Qualification;
  • registration in the role of drivers of non-scheduled public service vehicles;
  • excellent knowledge of the area;
  • extreme care of one’s image;
  • great problem-solving skills;
  • excellent availability and discretion.

How can I recognize a car used as a car rental service with driver?

All cars used for the car rental service with driver must carry:

  • a sign with the words “Rental With Driver” inside the front windshield and on the rear window of the car;
  • a metal plate placed in the back, the coat of arms of the municipality that issued the authorization, the authorization number and the vehicle plate;
  • the body color other than white as it is specific for taxis.

What measures are being taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic?

Eurocar Limousine scrupulously observes the following anti-COVID-19 measures:

  • All drivers are obliged to always wear a mask and must maintain, where possible, the appropriate safety distances.
  • Customers must also wear protective masks and the driver can refuse the service if passengers do not wear surgical masks or FFP2.
  • On every vehicle in our fleet there are dispensers with hand sanitizer made exclusively available to customers.
  • It will be the driver who opens and closes the doors in order to avoid contact with the customer’s surfaces. In the event of coughing or sneezing, it is recommended to cover the mouth and nose with a handkerchief or the inside of the elbow.
  • At the end of the trip we always suggest to sanitize or wash your hands as soon as possible.
  • Before and after each service the cockpits of all our cars are properly disinfected and sanitized.

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