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Those who are forced to travel often for work reasons are aware of various factors that can make an airline trip tiring, such as the endless waiting times at check-in – mainly due to the queues that form upon boarding; the possible and increasingly frequent delays that can often impact the busy schedule of commitments; the stress related to baggage claim and any loss of the same with all the bureaucratic delays related to complaints; the downsizing of air fleets and the age of aircraft which often lead to significantly reduced on-board comfort; the possibility of strikes that force you to review your agenda at the last minute.

To make life easier for those who work in the business world, Eurocar has expanded its offer to include the possibility of booking and chartering private planes. Thanks to this service, which will be agreed according to your needs, you will be able to enjoy the freedom to depart from airports located in areas close to city centers and arrive at your destination in a short time, thus reducing time and stress.

Eurocar offers its own air taxi service and private flight from all Italian airports with departures from Padua, Venice, Milan, Orio al Serio, Rome, Florence, Bari and all other Italian and European airports.

The air taxi service offered by Eurocar is offered 24 hours a day and among its strengths it can boast scrupulous punctuality and high quality standards. Eurocar’s customer portfolio is extensive: individuals, companies and tour operators whose specific needs require exclusive and personalized treatment. The services guarantee reliability, efficiency and quality.

The air taxi service also includes transport to reach both the landing and departure runways of the aircraft. Eurocar provides Mercedes cars and minivans thus offering a complete service for any Italian city, to bring or pick up passengers traveling with our Partner.

What are the advantages of renting a private plane (air taxi)?

Time savings

The first major advantage offered by chartering a private plane is linked to the enormous amount of time that the customer will save. This is possible because you can check-in at the dedicated private terminals and you can fly directly to the airport closest to your final destination, avoiding long stopovers. Similarly, taking advantage of the small runways of airports located throughout the country, the air taxi rental service allows the Eurocar customer to land a few kilometers from the desired destination and thus avoid further long journeys by taxi, shuttle or car rental.

Flexibility and comfort

Leave when you want and organize flights according to your schedule. The air taxi of your choice will be there at your complete disposal. For routes up to 600 kilometers, the longer flight time on our aircraft – compared to a luxury business jet – is barely noticeable, but the economic benefits deriving from choosing an aircraft suitable for the distance to be traveled are definitely appreciable. Thanks to the use of the latest generation of twin-engine aircraft, in fact, low-cost private flights have become a reality.


Flying by air taxi from a minor airport to any destination located within the European Union does not require transit through a customs airport thanks to the Schengen treaty. With the private air taxis provided by Eurocar it is possible to reach prestigious international destinations such as St. Moritz, Cannes, Vienna, Timisoara, Corfu, Portoroz, quickly, comfortably and directly.


Another advantage offered by Eurocar air taxi rental is the possibility of waiting in the lounges dedicated to private flights. In this way you will avoid unwanted hassles and attention and you will be able to relax away from the typical chaos of airports.

The advantage offered by Eurocar air taxi rental is unquestionably that of saving time thus having the possibility of carrying out more activities in the same day, something unthinkable if you choose to use any other means of transport. Another great advantage offered by the air taxi service is the possibility of rescheduling the sequence of flights or destinations at any time according to the customer’s needs.

The on-board comfort offered by the air taxi rental service, as well as the confidentiality dedicated to the customer, are absolute. The safety conditions guaranteed to our guests are of the highest level and the on-board staff will be constantly available to satisfy every need, thus avoiding the typical problems of classic scheduled flights such as inflexible schedules, delays, lack of personal space.

Renting one of the air taxis made available by Eurocar allows you not only to make business trips, but also to spend a weekend in the most pleasant and varied way. It will be possible to reach seaside, mountain or cultural places in absolute comfort otherwise not enjoyable in a normal weekend. The same convenience is also guaranteed for business trips because waiting times will be canceled and the return to destination will begin a few minutes after the end of the commitments, thus allowing you to return home during the day.

All the aircraft proposed by Eurocar are operated by airlines subject to the controls of the European aeronautical authorities. All air taxis are subjected to the strict European and US aeronautical certification regulations and are subject to continuous and qualified maintenance carried out at certified assistance centers in accordance with EASA Part 145 regulations. trained according to the European EASA-OPS regulations.

The passenger and freight transport services offered by Eurocar are offered in full compliance with current regulations. For Eurocar, flight and safety are considered essential elements of the same product, regardless of the size of the aircraft used.

We are committed to providing superior advice and service, both during and after your flight. Our team will be ready to assist the customer at every stage of the booking and will organize any additional service they may need.

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